Property Sourcing Virtual Class


Join us for our virtual class on 25 June 2022

Learn to invest in the right property for you and how to do it the right way. Each individual and property has its own unique criteria. We help you to consider all of these and help you make the most profitable outcome for your investment. Join us for our live course where we cover all the details around this and more.

See you virtually on the 25 June 2022



What is property deal sourcing, and how does it benefit you?

Property deal sourcing is the art of finding, analyzing, and negotiating property opportunities to sell to property investors or alternatively, you investing in the property.

What is a Property Sourcing Fee?

A Property Sourcing Fee is what the property investor [buyer] will pay you as a property sourcer to find lucrative property deals.

How do I find Property Investors to sell property deals to?

Property Investors are everywhere. One needs to understand what people are looking for and why.
Property Investors could be part of your friends and family circles. Some people find it awkward talking to family about this. Alternatively,  you can find Property Investors through your network, including the agents working on the sale, Angel investors, your office etc.

Is Property Sourcing and Property Wholesaling the same thing?

Yes, countries like South Africa and the United Kingdom call it Property Sourcing or Property Deal Sourcing whereas countries like the United States of America call it Property Wholesaling.


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